You can read more about vocations at Martha’s House and contact us if you’d like more information.


At Martha’s House we run an eight-week discernment program designed to help interested people discover if vowed membership at Martha’s House is right for them.


Postulancy at Martha’s House lasts from 9 – 18 months, and it is a time of growth and reflection for the new member. After the eight-week discernment program, a person may be invited to enter postulancy, which includes commitments to the Martha’s House community and to one’s personal Rule of Life.


Novitiate at Martha’s House lasts from 1 – 2 years, and it is a time of increased commitment, growth and reflection for the member. After around 2 years in discernment and postulancy, a member may take Novice Vows (novitiate) to move further along the path toward vowed membership and demonstrate their continued commitment to the Martha’s House community, their personal Rule of Life, hospitality, and service.

Vowed Membership

Much like in a marriage, taking life vows to a monastic community is no small matter. After 3 – 4 years of discernment, postulancy, and novitiate, members may be invited to take life vows at Martha’s House. Vowed Membership entails a lifelong commitment to our way of life as Marthas: as committed Christians and servants in the world. Members take the three Benedictine vows of obedience, stability, and conversion of life, in the way we apply those principles at Martha’s House. You can read more about our Benedictish vows here.

If you’re interested in more information about Who Martha’s House is For or what it means to be a Vowed Member, please visit the Martha’s House website.